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It's no surprise to see the rise of smartwatches on the market recently. This watch doesn't quite have a display in the sense that most of the smartwatches that we review possess. Having said that, the Nokia Steel HR doesn't look overpriced when compared to other watches that combine classic design with smartwatch features. My fork can already auto-set the time on the watch, make it vibrate in case of loss, get the battery level, map app notifications to different vibration types and hand notifications, even with the hands showing different numbers.

Add to that the ingenious battery life and the stylish design and you will surely get one of the best hybrid watches of today. The design is appealing to those who like their watches to strictly look like watches, whether that's because they're used to that design or feel they better compliment their outfits or lifestyle.

The middle button will show you a second time zone that you can set yourself via the app. Muse Hybrid Smartwatch is powered by their own patent-pending smart movement technology. Timex IQ+ Move is a great looking watch that's comfortable to wear and offers excellent battery life.

I've replaced the battery twice in that timeframe, it's fairly easy to do. I much prefer this rather than having to charge a smartwatch frequently. Hybrid watches from Guess and Martian have a small LCD screen for alerts. We're here to explain everything, from what a hybrid smartwatch is and what they can do, to a few examples of the best out there.

Smartwatches haven't really found their place in the world, they have only really hit mainstream consumers within the two years and people haven't found the need for a smartwatch just yet. Presumably to save battery life, you can't push a button to light it up. I wish that Fossil had at least put some glow-in-the-dark paint on the watch hands, but it's fine.

After about 25 days of heart rate measurement, the Lenovo Watch 9 will automatically switch to a low power mode, allowing the device to run for another 20 days. And with fully customizable functions, like the ability to set photos from your social media profiles as your watch face or swap out your watch strap, smartwatches never go out of style.

Fossil's app, which I've used on Android but not yet on iOS, has a bunch of configuration options for various features. The app is where you calibrate the watch time and customize functions for the watch's crown and two side buttons, such as controlling music playback or seeing your activity progress on your watch face.

The watch also has sleep tracking capabilities that automatically register when the wearer has fallen asleep. Luckily, Michael Kors has created a hybrid smartwatch that looks as sleek as it performs. There's a big difference between how smart the hybrid smartwatches are, and therefore how long their battery is likely to last.

Luckily, for the aquatically inclined, waterproof smartwatches like the Garmin Vivoactive are designed to function both on land and underwater. Nokia, after it acquired Withings, sells the stylish Steel HR hybrid smartwatch, which is similar to the Garmin Vivomove HR Hybrid smartwatches are also produced by watch brands not looking to make a full smartwatch.

It can all be had with these gorgeous hybrid smartwatches. This is an activity-oriented hybrid smartwatch and, as you'd expect from Garmin, it's got a lot of metrics for you to peruse. I am trying to wrap my hand around how to get and parse activity files from the watch, making it possible to get the sleep statistics etc.

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